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Fiber Connectivity & Other
Optical Switch & Attenuator
High Power Components
Optical Coupler & Combiner
Fiber Sensing Components
Bio-Medical Components
980~1064nm Fiber Laser Amplifier Components
1550nm Fiber Laser Amplifier Components
PM Polarization Components
Optical Telecom & Datacom Network
Optical Isolator & Circulator & Hybrid
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PM Polarization Components.
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Corporation Info
    Acfiber Technology Limited  is a highly professional and fast-developing company which is becoming an leader & expert of fiber optics,data center,network and testing system,the factory is located in beautiful coastal industrial city, Shenzhen of China. These years, acfiber is always devoted to achieve No.1 Service, No.1 Quality and Competitive price for the clients. All acfiber's products are designed and tested to meet the Standards of Telcordia Compliance. By this time, acfiber is an exceptional high performance company and takes a skilled role in this optical field, All components enjoy extremely high stability and reliability.

acfiber products lines include: application and products is :CWDM DWDM MWDM Filter,Fiber Laser Amplifier Components,Fiber Sensing Components,Optical Switch & Attenuator,Optical Coupler & Combiner,Optical Isolator & Circulator & Hybrid,Optical Telecom & Datacom Network,PM Polarization Components, includes high power isolator,Pump Combiner,Optical Isolator,WDM Filter,Optical Coupler,Optical Circulator,Optical Switch etc.

Products Class:    Optical Isolator & Circulator & Hybrid         CWDM DWDM MWDM Filter         Optical Telecom & Datacom Network         PM Polarization Components         
1.55um Fiber Laser Amplifier Components         1um Fiber Laser Amplifier Components         Bio-Medical Components         Fiber Sensing Components         
Optical Coupler & Combiner         High Power Components         Optical Switch & Attenuator         Fiber Connectivity & Other         
High Power Isolator   High Power Circulator   High Power Collimator   Fiber Optical Switch   PM Circulator   PM Coupler   PM Isolator   PM DWDM   PM WDM   Optical Coupler
Optical Isolator   Optical Circulator   WDM Hybrid   Isolator Hybrid   Tap Hybrid   Polarization Beam Combiner   Fiber Laser Amplifier   Optical switch module   optical source  
rack-mounted optical switch   MEMS VOA   ASE light source   sled light source   light source  

High Quality & High Stability
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